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What User Code or Pin Should I Use for My Security System?

Like choosing a PIN for your ATM card or an unlock code for your Smartphone, you may wonder how to choose a secure user code for your alarm system.  Most user codes are 4 digits.  It is easier to tell you what not to choose, based on research and studies into the most common user codes and PINS.  The most commonly chosen codes, by far, are dates.

When choosing your code, do not use:

  • Your birthdate or those of family members.  Dates of important life events like weddings or graduations are also easy for people who know you to figure out.
  • Patterns on the keypad, such as the four corners.  These are commonly used, but easy to guess.
  • Numeric patterns, such as 1234 or repeating numbers such as 2222.
  • Your address or any part of it.  If someone is at your house, they know the address.
  • Your phone number.

So how can you choose a code that you will remember?

  • One idea is to spell out a word with your pin.  So the word DOGS would be 3647.
  • Or use a combination of dates like the day of your spouse’s birthday and the day of your best friend’s birthday.
  • Use part of a phone number that is not likely to be known or guessed by someone else, such as your doctor’s or a friend’s number.
  • Similar to spelling a word with your pin, pick a random number then try to use mnemonics to come up with a sentence to remember it.  Or what I think is easier, pick a sentence and see what numbers it represents.  “Water Flows Down Hill” would be WFDH or 9334.

Whatever code or pin you decide to use, do not write it down, and do not share it with other people.

Many alarm systems, including Advent Security’s interactive systems powered by, enable you to set multiple user codes so that your dog walker or cleaning person can have their own code.  In many cases you can limit when these codes are active to certain times of day and to certain days of the week.  You can be notified when and by whom your security system was disarmed.  Don’t put your security at risk by giving your main access code to other people.

If you have an Advent Security system and would like to change your code but don’t know how, call or email our service department for assistance.


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