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Is Your Wi-Fi Network Secure?

Smart home devices generally require a Wi-Fi connection so that they are accessible from within your home or business and via the internet when you are away.  Make sure that your network is secure so that it is not easily hacked.

  • Make sure that you are using a secure connection.  You will need to enter a password when you connect to an encrypted Wi-Fi network.  The password should be a strong password that is difficult to guess, containing a combination of letters, numbers, and special characters.  If it is something like “password”, find the manual for your router so that you can login and change it.
  • Speaking of logging in to your router, you should change the login information; it is often as easy as “admin” and “password” if you are using the router defaults.
  • Wi-Fi networks in coffee shops and other public places are often not secure and could make your data vulnerable.  Set your smart device so that it does not automatically connect to open Wi-Fi networks.  Be cautious of what information you enter or what sites you log into when connected to a public network.
  • Only download content from trusted sources.  Don’t click links in email messages, texts, or websites if you feel uncertain of their source. Even app downloads could install spyware or other malware; only download apps from the official app store or other known sources for your device.
  • A stolen phone could be used to access your smart devices if you do not have a password lock on your phone and if you store your passwords.  Lock your phone and do not store passwords.  Many phones also have a way to erase or wipe all data remotely if your device is stolen.  It is a good idea to look into the availability of this feature before you need it.

Smart home technology can be convenient and useful.  Follow these tips and enjoy using your new smart devices with confidence.

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