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Why DIY Home Security Solutions Leave You Vulnerable

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, you may think it’s a great idea to install your home security system. After all, there are plenty of options, you’re handy, and it seems like an attractive price point….at first.

The reasoning may seem sound. However, there are a few things Philadelphia-area residents should know before going all in on choosing a DIY home security system.

7 Problems with DIY Home Security

1- The Discount Route – It’s common to think you’re saving money when you opt for a DIY method. To that end, you may buy discounted equipment. The problem is, such equipment often has terrible resolution (your pictures won’t be clear), breaks easily and/or can be easily hacked into by thieves. Besides that, some DIY systems don’t have round-the-clock monitoring.

If you’re getting a security system, don’t you want it to protect you and your family?

2-Tricky Installation – If you’ve ever opened an Ikea furniture box and stared at the screws, the different size boards, and those tiny directions wondering where to start, well, imagine putting in a security system. If you don’t get it right, you might as well not have it. Plus, when home security systems aren’t installed properly, they can set off false alarms and who wants that?

3- Can Be Easily Hacked – You may have researched the options among wired and wireless home security systems. There are pros and cons of each. For example, a would-be burglar could cut a wire rendering your wired home security system useless, but did you know? Your wireless system could also be hacked. Which means, if you have improperly configured security cameras, a burglar could spy on you and your family.

4- It’s Not Cheaper – Buying an off the shelf kit might seem inexpensive to start but by the time you buy additional sensors to cover your entrances and spend the time setting it up, it’s not such a great deal. Besides, it may not even be set up correctly which can turn out to be costly.

5- It’s Not Customized to Your Home – Off the shelf solutions can’t assess your home and lifestyle. Our professionally trained security experts design a customized security system that works for your home. It’s not a cookie-cutter solution that leaves back doors or windows at risk.

6 – No Guaranteed 24/7 Security – When you work with a professional security company, then you get professional monitoring. This means if something happens at your home you’ll be alerted – whether you’re home or away. The new smart home security systems will text you or email you the second there’s an unusual detection.

DIY installations may offer 24/7 monitoring for a low additional fee but there’s a hidden cost. They may also sell your data.

7- No Selling of Your Data – Any company that is connected to Google, Apple, or Amazon is in the business of selling data. So if you hook a DIY system to your Google Home or Alexa, it’s likely tracking (and potentially selling) things like how many times a day do you set your alarm, how many video clips do you have daily, how many door sensors, and on and on.

Now these may not put you at directly at risk, but it is something to be aware of. (who we work with) does not sell data.

Bottom Line?

You can choose to go the DIY method to setting up your own home security system but it’s not likely to be as effective as one installed by professionals. Not only do trained security professionals know what to look for, but you also get top-line equipment as well as round-the-clock monitoring.

As our sales manager, Tim says, “A trained security expert knows what to look for when designing a security system for your home or business. They are knowledgeable in the standards for proper coverage when you are at home or away from your home and design a system based on your needs.  They also know about proper communication methods, reliability, power issues and much much more.  DIY will need to do all the research and there is a lot of trial and error.”

In addition, when you work with a professional security company, “Trained professionals can offer the education on the products being sold and installed along with on-going assistance with local technicians if service is needed.”

If you’re thinking about installing a home security system and you’re in Philadelphia, Montgomery, or Bucks Counties, why not contact us for a free consultation?


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