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Cold Weather Safety Tips

Cold Weather Safety TipsWinter is upon us, and it’s time once again to protect our loved ones and homes from the effects that cold weather temperatures can have on them. Advent Security offers a wide range of systems to combat everything Old Man Winter throws our way. Here are just a few home automation features that Advent offers its homeowners:

  • Temperature Control – Take the wintry chill out before you arrive home by remotely controlling your home’s temperature through your security system with any web-enabled device.
  • Low-Temperature Sensors – These sensors send alerts when there is a sudden drop in the home’s temperature. If left undetected, it could result in burst water pipes or harmful situations for pets that are home alone.
  • Smoke and Heat Detectors – They measure ambient heat and smoke – in other words FIRE! —set off an alarm and send an alert.
  • Carbon Monoxide Sensors – Older heating systems, gas-burning appliances, wood-burning stoves, even fireplaces can emit carbon monoxide, an invisible gas that in high amounts can kill you. Carbon Monoxide Sensors emit an alarm and send an alert when gas emissions rise to dangerous levels giving warning to this silent killer.
  • Water Sensors – When the sensor comes in contact with water from a flood or burst pipes from frigid nights, it triggers an alarm and sends an alert.

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