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Back to School Safety Tips

It’s that time of year again.  Children are returning to school, and back to school safety and security is on our minds. Here are three areas of concern, and advice on keeping your children safe.

Back To School Safety TipsGetting to School

If your children take a bus, make sure that they know proper safety at the bus stop.  Also teach your children how to safely board and un-board the bus.  If they are walking to school, make sure that they know the route and who lives along it.  Arrange for neighborhood children to walk together.

Online Security

Supervise your children when they are using the internet.  Also, speak to your children about online safety. They should never share personal information in public sites.  In social networking, make sure that anything that they post is only visible to people they know.

Smart Home Video Back to School SafetyHome Alone

If your older children arrive home to an empty house, be sure to review safety precautions and what to do in the case of an emergency.  They should let you know when they arrive home, and they should lock the door and arm the perimeter.  With a smart home alarm, you can automatically receive a notification and view video of their arrival. You can also verify that the doors are locked and alarm is set after your children arrive safely, or even lock and set the alarm remotely.

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