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Today’s Wonderful Service And Excellent Technician

Today’s Wonderful Service And Excellent Technician
December 17, 2015

Today your excellent technician, John Wiggins, came to solve why my alarm signal could not reach you. He was so kind, and concerned about my safety- I’m a disabled homebound senior and I fall a lot. It turned out to be the phone company’s problem. They had turned something off so that even though I had a dial tone and could receive calls, I couldn’t make calls (which I didn’t know) and my alarm couldn’t reach you, thereby creating a dangerous situation for me. He was very professional and spoke with the phone company technician to resolve the problem. This probably was also the reason why my Lifeline necklace and system stopped sending a signal to that company so that I had to have a replacement wireless system installed instead. John was not leaving until he knew all was well and I was safe. I am so grateful for his concern for me and his high standards for his work. I wanted to be sure he was recognized for his excellence. I have been your customer since 1997 and every person in your company always is caring and does excellent work. I would only use your company and tell others that frequently. Thank you all for your good work.

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