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Courtesy and Patience

Courtesy and Patience
December 30, 2015

On Dec 28, I discovered a strange and unfamiliar noise in our basement. Although I did not believe it was a noise related to our security system, I nevertheless called our security system servicer, Advent. As always, the people at Advent are very polite, patient, understanding and very anxious to solve the problem. Never was this more true than yesterday. The first person I spoke to asked a number of questions and then said she wanted me to speak to one of the technical support people and she’d fully fill him in so I wouldn’t have to repeat all my information. That’s precisely what happened when I spoke to Michael in tech support. I mention this courtesy b/c it almost never happens with other service providers who say they will report the caller’s information but never do to save their own time at the customer’s expense. Michael had all the facts, asked a few questions, asked me to send him pictures of devices which might be the sources of the noise and called me back immediately upon receipt of each picture. After assuring me as much as he could that the noise was more of an annoyance factor than a safety one that required a 911 call, Michael suggested, since I was alone and had no other set of ears to help solve the problem, that I ask a neighbor to help b/c Michael wanted if possible to get the problem solved to avoid my being charged with a house visit. Michael felt that the noise was unconnected to the Advent system but rather than have me figure it out on my own, he was patient and wanted to be as helpful as he could b/c he understood what an annoyance it was. When my neighbor couldn’t figure out the source of the noise, Michael sent an Advent employee to the house who solved the problem in less than 10 minutes. I was pleased that the problem was solved and tremendously appreciative of the over the top service that Advent, led by Michael in technical support, provided.

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