Advent Security

Tenant/Current Occupant Registration Information

Welcome to tenant/current occupant registration.  This page is intended for the use of current occupant(s) only.  You should only complete this registration process if your landlord or condominium association supplies the monitoring as part of your lease/rental/or association agreement.  If you are not sure whether this applies to you, please contact our office at 215-576-7111 option 3.

General Instructions

Only one form should be completed per UNIT/APT.  Any future changes to your emergency information should be done by email to our customer service department at

Before You Proceed

In order to complete the registration you will need to have the following information on-hand:

  • The two phone numbers that should be called if there is an alarm.
  • You and the other occupants from your unit/apt need to choose a code word.  This code word is confidential and is used to identify yourself as an authorized person to use the system.  The code word should be 10 letters or less.  You must use this word when contacting or being contacted by the Advent Central Station.  In the case of an alarm, if you do not provide the proper code word to the central station operator the authorities will be dispatched.
  • Additional contact names and phone numbers of anyone who should be notified if the police are dispatched to your unit (maximum four).

Once you complete this registration you will receive a confirmation email.  The account will be active within two business days of receipt of your information.

Click here to proceed with the Registration