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Look to the Cloud!

Cloud based security is here and it’s here to stay.  Almost every product or service that the security industry provides can now be linked to the cloud in some way. It can be used to provide benefits to the end-user, as well as the integrator.

Security systems can now report data to cloud based servers where it can be used in a multitude of ways. End-users are able to use the cloud based software to modify user access, set up notifications of system events, arm and disarm alarms, and send the notifications via text messaging or email. Home automation even utilizes this information to learn your household’s patterns. It can even learn to adjust lighting and temperature around your family’s busy schedule!

CCTV is also utilizing the cloud by eliminating the need for onsite video storage.  IP based cameras can be connected to remote servers that can store recordings, as opposed to the traditional local recording devices.  These recordings are now available to us remotely, giving instantaneous access to what is happening at our homes and businesses.  No more expensive DVR’s or the dreaded “HARD DRIVE FAILURE”.

The cloud buzz in the access control industry is SaS (Software as a Service).  Onsite PCs that once stored and manipulated large databases of system settings and card holder information are now disappearing.  Instead, high-speed internet and cellular connections can replace the need for these machines by connecting the onsite hardware to cloud based servers.   End-users can utilize this software on various devices that can remotely access and control their systems, providing affordability and flexibility.

Integrators are also intrigued by this technology. Cloud based systems can be brought into the standard business model of the industry, allowing them to provide continuous and monthly services after the initial install. This technology allows it to be easier and more cost effective to provide a high level of service to customers experiencing issues. Many problems can be resolved remotely, avoiding the need for expensive truck rolls or the need to inconvenience a customer.

The cloud is making it possible for more people to have access to all these products by eliminating expensive equipment and lowering initial investment.  This is making once elaborate and expensive systems simple and affordable.  All these innovations can make our lives easier, giving us all peace of mind when we can’t be there.  Thank you Cloud!

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