Advent Security

Mission Code Name: ISC West

Team Advent, your mission, should you choose to accept, infiltrate the City of Las Vegas and gather intelligence on today’s latest innovations to the security and life safety industries. Manufacturers from across the globe are assembling to show off their newest products and services. Be careful, they will use flashy displays and temp you with gourmet meals and liquor. Choose wisely, our customers are depending on you!

Somewhere high over the bread basket of our nation, I contemplate my foe. What new technologies await us? No longer are today’s services limited to only security. Customers are asking for Integration! Access to all of their home’s and business’s systems, on a single platform. All accessible on mobile devices. They are calling it the internet of things (IoT).

Companies like and Honeywell are all now offering cloud based services that enable us to control and watch over our properties while we aren’t there. Forgot to close the garage door?  No problem. We’ll let you know with a text message and you can close it via the app. Kids are locked out?  No problem. You can unlock the door, turn on a light, lower the temperature of the air conditioning. Yep you guessed it, all from the app!

What will be next?  Who can say? Soon I will be in the middle of it all.  The epicenter of all things to do with our industry. In search of …. The Internet of Things. Next month I will submit my findings. Stay tuned.

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