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Home and Personal Safety Tips

Home and Personal Safety Tips from Advent Security

After 40 years in the home security business, we’ve learned a few safety tips that we’d like to share with you. Some of them may seem commonsense while others you may not have thought about before. But all of them bear repeating.

We also recommend having an age-appropriate home safety conversation with your children.

Home Safety Tips after 40 Years in the Home Security Business

  1. A home with an Advent stake signBe sure your Advent stake sign is always visible. A burglar is 3 times more likely to attack a home that does not have an electronic security system, so keeping that sign visible is important.
  2. Maintain proper exterior lighting. A well-lit outdoor area can reduce your chances of having your home burglarized. Light your driveway, garage, and door entrances at night. Would-be thieves will seek easier targets.
  3. Keep all windows and doors locked whenever you are not home.
  4. If you have an answering machine, make sure it does not indicate that you are not home.
  5. If children are home alone, they should not answer the door or allow anyone in the home.
  6. Do not give your house key, digital code, or code word out to temporary workers. If possible, don’t hide a spare key outside your home; instead, give it to a trusted neighbor.
  7. Do not leave valuables in sight through windows. Sometimes theft occurs because the opportunity was there. For example, leaving an iPad on an open window ledge is an invitation to some.
  8. Don’t leave items outside or in view that could be used by burglars to gain entrance into your house. For example, a ladder or tools on the side of a garage could be used to gain entrance.
  9. Having a privacy fence can provide cover for someone trying to break into your home. If a fence is necessary, consider a picket or chain-link fence instead.
  10. Don’t have your name on your mailbox. This information can be used by burglars to gain access to your phone number, who will then call and be able to see if you’re home. Instead, have bright and visible address numbers that can be seen in case of an emergency.
  11. Lock your car doors.  Besides providing easy access to items left in the car, and unlocked car with a garage door opener can provide access to the garage and home.
  12. Join a neighborhood watch if available in your community. Follow this link for information on neighborhood watch and how to start your own.

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