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What to”Monitor”?

A burglary attempt? A smoldering fire? A panic situation in your home or business?

These three situations are the age-old circumstances where your security system can provide a critical alert. It is worthwhile to know and appreciate the fact that environmental emergencies can also be detected, reported, and acted on in the event of an issue. The sump pump fails, the water heater dumps, the furnace stops working…all of these scenarios can be monitored by a typical security system. In most cases the only cost involved is the one time installation fee for these environmental detection sensors. This additional environmental coverage is often not seriously considered, but should be. The loss from a burst pipe, water heater dump, or your sump pump system failing can be devastating. This type of monitoring can add significantly to the “PEACE OF MIND” that security systems are supposed to provide.

One other environmental / water problem that can occur in certain homes, is related to an existing fire detection / sprinkler system. The majority of these systems have existing water flow switches that can be monitored. If you have one of these sprinkler systems in your home, we should be monitoring it! Water damage caused by this type of system can be significant.

Please give us a call if you are interested in getting more information about these devices, and / or are unsure if you already have this detection as part of your system.

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