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Water Detectors Provide Early Warning

Find out immediately if there is a flood or leak in your home with a water detector from Advent Security.

The recent winter storms our region has endured has caused power outages for thousands of people throughout the area – some for a few hours and others for days.  One of the concerns people have during a power outage is their sump pumps not working, which, if your basement tends to take on water, can cause basement flooding and severe associated damage to the house and to your belongings.

If the power outage occurs during the night when you’re sleeping, you may not be aware of it until the morning, when you could wake up to a flooded basement.  Or if you were away, you might not find out until you return days later.

What if you had a water detector that would alert you to the presence of water where it doesn’t belong? Advent Security installs flood/water detectors – both hardwired and wireless modules — which can be placed anywhere to detect water and provide an early warning, enabling you to avoid water damage more quickly.

In addition to being placed near a sump pump, the detector can be used in the basement next to a hot water heater or air conditioning unit, in a laundry room in case your washer overflows or leaks, under sinks, or in your bathroom in case your tub or toilet overflow, to name just a few of its uses.

Notification of flooding or leaks can come in several ways. The system can notify you through an email or text, or through your keypad display.  An alert through the keypad could come in the form of an audible alert or through text on the keypad itself. In addition, the central station would receive notification and call you immediately to alert you to the problem.

The water detector is easy to install and provides invaluable peace of mind. To learn more, call Advent Security at 215-576-7111.

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