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Things that go BEEP in the night

Have you ever experienced the maddening challenge of tracking down a random beeping noise in your home? You know….at 3AM? It often sounds like the annoying “CHIRP” is in the 2nd floor hall, then in the master bedroom, then in the guest room, then, back in the hall…wait, wait, “BEEP” AHHhhhhhhh!!  It is like a form of torture in so many ways!

The beep sound is an “alarm” of some sort. Most likely, some device that has a low or bad battery and it is simply letting you know that it needs to be serviced.

As a long time service technician and customer service representative, I have handled many calls about this type of issue. After all it is an “alarm”, so calling your alarm company would seem like a reasonable step. Unfortunately 9 times out of 10 the beep is something other than your Advent Security System.

Before I share some tips about what the dreaded beep might be coming from, let me say that help is always available 24 / 7, 365 days a year . Since 1979 Advent Security has been a local leader in providing a consistent customer care / service experience. Our on call techs are a phone call away!

In general, IF a piece of equipment that we have installed needs to be serviced, the system will let you know by getting your attention. The keypad(s) may beep and display a trouble message or winking trouble light. The monitoring station may call to let you know there is an issue, or both may happen.

EXCEPTION: The following pictures are of carbon monoxide detectors that Advent does install. These units have a defined life expectancy and WILL begin to BEEP / CHIRP when they reach their end of life time frame.

CO Detector

CO Detector

If one of these units is beeping / chirping you should give us a call to arrange for service. NOTE: There is a TEST / HUSH button on the detectors that when pushed will silence the beeping for 36 hours.

Here are some of the other things that go BEEP / CHIRP in the night, that are NOT related to your Advent Security System:

1) Regular battery operated smoke detectors that most homes have, or hard wired electrician installed detectors, installed during construction. Even if they are “hard wired”, most still have a battery for when the power goes out. When these batteries are old….the detector BEEPS. Often these detectors are removed for painting or remodeling and stuck up on top of a cabinet or in a drawer and become even more elusive!


2) Carbon monoxide detectors and more recently combination smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. They may be simply plugged into an electrical outlet AND still have a battery that can go bad.


3) Water detectors are often put by the water heater or in a catch basin under an HVAC unit, or in your laundry area by the washer and sink. These are most often battery operated, and will often BEEP when the battery is on its last legs.


4) Your personal computer, or your stand alone power supply “box” or power strip used to support electronic equipment during power outages.


5) Your sump pump back up power device or septic tank monitoring devices.


6) Lastly, and most recently your Verizon FIOS control panel / box. This unit has a battery as well and will emit a BEEP repeatedly if the battery is going bad.


Hopefully this is helpful, ESPECIALLY if you are in the middle of a situation like this right now! As you can see there are many different types of equipment that can “go beep in the night”. We hope this is helpful in a big way, because we do understand how intensely frustrating this can be.

Again, if you really are at your wits end and unsure about what to do….give us a call and one of our experienced technicians can hopefully “talk you off the ledge” and provide a reassuring message about what to try next!

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