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Explaining the Price of Home Security

Purchasing a home security system can be a confusing process. There are a lot of companies out there, each one with a different price set up, and some even saying they’re free! The problem is wading through all the fine print while also figuring out what system covers the needs of your home and family.

Why is a Free System Never Free?

Free security systems seem great when you first look at them. It’s free, right? Is anything ever really free?  Free products never end up being free.The problem is that “free” security systems are similar to purchasing a cell phone on contract. It’s free at the beginning, but you will eventually cover the cost of the equipment with your monthly payments on top of the monitoring fees. Some companies may even keep the monitoring price cheaper for the first year, but then lock you in with a long-term contract that drastically increases in price. By the end, you’ll have paid more than the equipment and monitoring fees combined.

Is Your System Personalized?

If a free system isn’t the way to go, what about the cheaper packages out there? Many companies have this, a $99 system or a free system with a small activation fee. These systems cover a bit more upfront than free packages, but there’s still usually a catch.

Your home is special, your security should be too.The basic “teaser” system will only contain the bare minimum: a central unit, a few sensors, and only one option of how it connects to central monitoring. There are always options to add on to these basic packages, but the price quickly goes up from the initial $99. A properly configured security system should cover your doors and windows, may contain a glass break sensor or motion detector, have smoke detection, and more. The sensors and other equipment you will need to completely secure your home are then usually sold at an increased price.

What About Bundling Your System?

Working with big companies can mean frustration.Finally, we have security systems that are bundled in with a company you already use. Your TV or phone provider might be offering specials, and they seem great since you already use their services.  But if you try to cancel one of the services at some point, the special bundle price is gone, and you may end up paying the same or more for fewer services.

Also, security is supposed to keep your family and home safe. When you have a look at these bundles, consider what you think of the company’s services. The last time you called their customer service, how long did you have to wait? Was it someone local who knows the area? When you scheduled a service call, was it at a convenient time? These are questions that you should answer because you want to be confident that your security provider will be there for you in an emergency.

How is Advent Different?

With Advent Security, you get a personalized security system that is right for you. We have different options, but all include the peace of mind that central monitoring provides.

Advent’s goal is to design and install an alarm system that will detect and/or deter a burglar from entering your home or business.  Although we do have some low cost, cookie-cutter system packages available, our security consultants are trained to go over your personal needs and custom design a system for a fair price. When choosing a security company, we think it’s important to evaluate what your home and family actually needs.

We try to ask the questions that get you a system that works best for you. Are you going to be using a landline or cellular line to connect to central monitoring? Are you considering upgrading to Smart Security, or do you want a more basic home security package? How many doors, windows, and rooms does your home have? Do you have children or pets? These are just a few of the questions that your Advent consultant will ask.

Day or night, nothing is more important than keeping your loved ones safe in your home. Our home security systems are designed to protect your home and family from burglaries, fire, even water damage. We aim to design a system for your home and lifestyle.

No matter your needs, our specialists will evaluate your home and lifestyle to design a home security system that works for your family. That’s why we’ve been voted “Best of Bucks” for over 10 consecutive years.

Contact us today to schedule a meeting with a professional security consultant and find out more about what Advent can do for you.

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