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Be Alerted to Unwanted Temperature Changes with Temp°Alert 

With these mild days of late, it’s easy to think spring is near.  But with the end of February still ahead and the entire month of March behind it, cold weather is still a strong possibility.

Advent Security has a product available intended to provide reliable and economical temperature protection for residential or commercial facilities. The Temp°Alert – produced by Winland Electronics, Inc. – is a mechanical temperature monitor with dual high and low output that can detect if your heat goes out or if the temperature in a given space in your home has risen too high or too low.

The Temp°Alert can be placed is areas of concern in your home or business where you want the temperature to remain at a particular level. One common use is to place the product where your pipes are located, so that you would be alerted if the temperature went below freezing, thereby avoiding the unfortunate and damaging circumstance of having your pipes burst.

Likewise, if you have a computer room that you need to keep a little cooler, the Temp°Alert will let you know if the temperature has risen higher than the ideal level. The Temp°Alert has also been used in greenhouses and in attics — where, if it gets too hot, condensation can form.  It can also be used in vacation homes, animal/livestock buildings, and other unattended structures.

Temp°Alert is a power free device that connects to a hard wired or wireless alarm system, includes a separate output for high and low alarm signals, and is quick and easy to install. It also features a sleek, low profile, and stylish appearance.  The Temp°Alert, however, should never be used in a freezer or cooler.

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