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Keep Convenience in One Place with Smart Security

Here at Advent, we love getting feedback from our customers. It allows us to know what is going well and where we can improve. If you are connected to our Facebook page, you’ll see we recently got an email from a customer showing how their Smart Home Security kept them in the loop while they were away from home.

See what's happening in real-time.While they were away, a small fire occurred with their elderly mother at home. They immediately received a notification of the fire via their Security System provided by Advent. Our Central Monitoring Station immediately called and dispatched the fire department. Then, with access to the video feeds via the app, they were able to watch the fire department at the front door in real-time while they were away from home.

Smart Home Security allows you to integrate the increased peace of mind of having a security system with the convenience of automation. Getting the automation with your security system means that it is all in one place, with the security team you trust. At Advent, our professional Central Monitoring Station works with your smart security products from With us, there is no confusion around integrating everything when you DIY. Instead, we work with you to create a security plan that gives you the security, automation, and convenience that you need in your home.

Smart Home Security Offers Increased Peace of Mind


If this is your first time entering the world of home automation, you may be surprised about what is offered. You can combine the different automation aspects that you would find from other Smart Home products, but with professionally monitored Home Security integrated into the same place. You can find details of many of your options by downloading the Solutions for a Smart Home Booklet, but here are some of the highlights that are the most requested.

The first priority for us at Advent is your Smart Home Security. When you get a Smart system with us, we use products monitored by our established Central Monitoring Station. This means you get Advent as your local small business to guide you every step of the way with professional monitoring 24/7.  The Smart Home Security System provides a dedicated cellular connection, Instant Alerts via text message or email, and more. This allows you to be connected to what is going on at your home, even when you’re not there.

Find everything for your Smart Security and Home in one place.Smarter Access into your home can also enhance your security experience. We can integrate your door locks with your security system, so you have both visibility and control. If you connect your entry points and garage doors, you can see when someone enters your home, lock and unlock doors remotely, check if you closed the garage, and more. Not only does this help your peace of mind, but it also helps to enhance your home security with a more proactive approach. Plus, if you assign unique user codes, you can even see when specific family members (or maybe your pet sitter) are entering and leaving the home.

Not Only Safety But Convenience

A Smart system not only provides increased security but the convenience of Home Automation as well. Instead of having multiple apps and devices to keep your home connected, our Smart Home Security offers everything in one place.

With Home Automation you can control the lights, locks, thermostats, and more. You can even fully connect into your system with location-based geo-services. This means you can set your system to be aware of when you are coming home and have your home thermostat automatically adjust (to help save on energy costs). You can even set reminders for when you’re leaving home to arm the security system, which you can even do remotely. 

Get Geo Location Messages and Secure Your Home While Away.


With a Smart Home System, you have control of climate, lighting, energy management, water management, and more. When you work with our Advent Security team, let us know what is important for your family and we will work with you to create a customized system designed to meet your needs. Do you need an alert if your sump pump is not working correctly? Is energy saving important to you? Do you have live-in parents and want an alert if their activity is out of the ordinary? Tell us what you need out of your Smart Home Security, and we’ll give you the information that you need.

Take the Next Step into Home Security

If you’ve been thinking about Home Automation and investing in a Smart Security System, then now is the time. Click to Request a Free Consultation or call us at 215-576-7111.

If you want to know more about some specific options that your Smart Security System can have, check out our Features and Demo page! See what an Advent Smart Home Solution can do for your security and convenience.

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