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Post Christmas Safety Tips

At this time of year, people become targets with all the new presents that just arrived to their homes. Now that you’ve ripped through the new gifts that you received for Christmas – bicycles, TV’s and other technology — it’s time to discard the boxes and other packaging they arrived in. You won’t have room for many of those boxes in your regular trash receptacles, but putting them out on the curb can make you a target for thieves who now know what’s inside your house, ripe for the pickings. Below are some tips for keeping your home, and those new Christmas treasures, safe.  But you can also help by watching out for your neighbors; if you see anyone suspiciously opening the lids of trash cans on the curb and rooting through them to see their contents, report it to the police immediately.


  • Take the boxes to a recycling drop-off location
  • Get a box cutter and cut those boxes up so that they fit in your regular trash receptacles
  • Put those box pieces at the bottom of your trash cans, under other trash
  • Don’t leave your new gifts visible through the windows of your home
  • Make sure you leave lights on when you leave your house at night, even if it’s just for a few minutes


  • Never burn wrapping paper or your Christmas tree in the fireplace. The rapid burning and excessive heat can damage the firebox and chimney, creating a serious fire hazard
  • Discard your tree soon after Christmas before it becomes a fire hazard, and don’t put it in your garage or lean it against your house.


  • Keep stockings as well as Christmas left-overs out of your pet’s reach. Most people know that chocolate can be toxic to your pets, but onions, garlic, grapes, raisins, and candy, especially sugar-free candy, can also be toxic to your furry friends.
  • Remember that turkey and chicken bones can cause internal damage to your pet.
  • Holiday plants such as poinsettias, mistletoe, holly, and lilies are very dangerous if your pet ingests them.

(Sources: WDSU News and Big Bear News)

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