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Is your fire alarm contractor NICET certified?

Is your fire alarm contractor NICET certified? Many local municipalities across the country are now requiring that design professionals and technical staff be NICET certified. Authorities having jurisdiction use this certification as a tool to ensure that the systems are being installed and maintained by qualified and competent professionals, according to the Building codes and standards that they have adopted.

NICET, the National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies, is a national organization that provides certifications in a wide variety of engineering disciplines. NICET was established in 1961 and has provided certification to over 135,000 technicians and technologists nationwide that have met their rigorous testing, work experience, and continuing education standards. Applicants are tested in all facets of the industry, including building codes, installation standards, system maintenance, project management, and ethics.

Here at Advent Security we currently employee staff in our sales and operations departments that are NICET certified in Fire Protection Engineering Technology-Fire Alarm Systems. We encourage all of our technical and design staff to become certified so as to ensure that our customers are being provided with the highest level of service possible.

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