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Energy Savings or Comfort?  Why not both!

Auto temperature settingsYou want to stay cool, but are your A/C bills going through the roof? A Smart Thermostat, integrated into your Advent alarm system powered by, can give you enhanced comfort while saving energy. A recent Homeowners Survey, conducted by found that 93% of homeowners are in the ‘savings AND comfort’ camp.

We introduced you to our smart thermostat in our January blog.  It can also provide savings and comfort in the summer heat.

Save Money When You Leave the House

The smartest way to save money on summer air conditioning is to setup home vs. stay automation.  Your alarm system, powered by, knows when you are there and when you are not. The simplest way is to automate based on the status of your security. When you arm your home (or business) ‘Armed Away’, the Smart Thermostat sets back to save energy. When you disarm the system, or ‘Arm Stay’, it returns to your comfort mode, giving you a cooler temperature.

Geo-Services, another great feature, gives you a similar effect triggered by your location (via your smartphone). Once set-up, when you’re a set distance from arriving home your A/C starts cooling giving you the perfect temperature when you arrive.

Don’t Pay to Cool the Neighborhood

Open doorIf you’re a parent, you know your children are not worried about closing the door every time they run in and out of your home.  You get it, as a former kid yourself. There’s a smarter solution than yelling “Do you live in a barn”: with the auto-setback feature, energy waste from open doors is kept to a minimum. If a door is left open, you smart thermostat sets your temperature a bit higher. When you close the door, the thermostat returns to the target temperature. Finally, you’re not paying to cool the neighborhood!

Save Money When It’s Extra-Hot

When we get extra-hot afternoons, your A/C works hardest.  You can reduce your home’s cooling load and energy bill by raising your indoor temperature by a few degrees. This is simple;  when the temperature outside hits 95 degrees or higher the thermostat will automatically adjust. It’s still much cooler in your house than outside, so you’ will probably not notice—and once the hottest part of the day is over the temperature returns to normal.

A Smart Thermostat gives you more effortless energy management, automated savings, precision comfort, complete control and full smart home integration. Installation is easy and the thermostat has a sleek design that looks good on any wall.

An powered system is designed and built to provide a single, integrated solution. Having all of your primary services working together in your home, like your security system and thermostat, makes them more efficient. Connect all of your key systems with one totally personalized solution and start getting more from your home.

To learn more, call Advent Security at 215-576-7111.

Click to view the Smart Thermostat flyer (PDF).

The smart thermostat is not compatible with all alarm systems.

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