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Don’t Bundle Your Home Security

You’ve probably seen them…inserts or letters from your phone or cable TV company offering home security specials.  You might even think that their rates look good, and since you already have their phone or TV service it might be an easy option.

But ask yourself:

  • When you called the cable company for support, how long did you wait? Did you speak to someone local who knows you and your area?
  • The last time you scheduled a service call, was it at a time convenient to you?
  • When do the advertised rates go up?  The low rates are usually only for the first year, and after that, they go up.
  • If you decide to cancel early, what is their penalty?
  • And probably most importantly, do you really want to trust your family’s safety to a phone or cable company?

Advent Security strongly recommends that home owners or businesses do NOT bundle security and fire protection into their phone and cable services.  You want to be confident that your security provider will be there for you when you have an emergency.  Do you trust that your phone or cable provider will be there for you in the middle of the night? Advent Security understands security and the importance of providing reliable monitoring.   We use a UL-Listed monitoring center with trained operators, dedicated to your well being and safety.

Advent Security has been protecting homes and businesses from burglary and fire for more than 39 years.  We KNOW security and, in fact, have won awards for our services.  Advent Security has been selected as the Best Security Company by the Intelligencer since 2008 and is rated as one of the top 100 Security companies in the U.S. by SDM. We are a local, family-owned company with employees who are a part of our family.  We maintain strong relationships with police, fire and rescue agencies across our service area in Southeastern Pennsylvania and the tri-state area.  You can trust Advent Security –security, it’s all we do.  If you have any questions, you can call us at 215-576-7111.  Keep something as important as your security OUT of the bundle.

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