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Do It Yourself?

We have all seen the multitude of TV shows that encourage people to Do-It-Yourself. From installing something simple like a new faucet to building your own deck, painting your own house or doing a complete renovation, you can find a video to “do it yourself”. The truth is that DIY is not for everyone. The same goes for the Security Alarm Industry.

There have been several companies that have gone into the DIY arena for home alarm systems, but it is important to understand what you are getting when your new alarm system comes in a box.   When your alarm system arrives in a box, it is programmed and you basically just “lick and stick” everything where you think it should go or where you want it to be. You design the system, you install the system, you activate the system, you maintain the system, and if any issues arise, you troubleshoot the problem yourself.

When you hire Advent Security to install your system, the first thing that you do is meet with one of our trained Security Consultants. Our representative asks a myriad of questions to determine the design of a system that best meets the needs of you and your family. We then send a technician to your home to do a professional installation.  Once the installation is complete and you have been trained on how to use the system, we are just a phone call away if you have any issues or even just a question. Many times we are just down the street since we have a very large presence in the Tri-County Area.

So just remember, when you buy a DIY alarm system you are doing just that, buying an alarm system. When you hire Advent Security you are hiring our alarm company and you become part of the Advent family.

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