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Best Smart Home Devices for Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia Residents

The best smart home devices do more than adjust the lights and play music. They also alert you when someone sets (or turns off) your home alarm system, offer video monitoring, motion sensors, even help you keep an eye on elderly relatives.

The first smart home device many people get is Amazon’s Alexa or Google Home. While these are great for telling you the weather or setting a kitchen timer, they can also integrate with home automation systems so you can control your thermostat and lights.

However, the residents of Bucks, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties increasingly want a more robust smart system with professional monitoring for more security. Smart home security offers home automation and much more.

6 Components of a Smart Home Security System

Video monitoring, real-time alerts, and yes, climate adjustment are just three elements that you can expect from your smart home security system. Which of these will you choose to help keep your family safe?

Keyless entry – Imagine, the convenience of a keyless entry. You can go away for vacation and give your pet sitter a personalized code that will provide entry at certain times of day. Your app- controlled home security system will even let you see when they arrived and left. And if they forget to re-arm your home? You can get a notification and do it from your phone.

Motion/Image Sensor – This high-powered motion sensor will take a picture when motion is detected and send it to you. Got pets? No problem, we have a pet immune function so Max doesn’t set off the sensors every time he moves to a new napping spot.

Always On Awareness ™ – you’ll receive real-time updates by text or email if anything happens at home. You have the option to create personalized user codes for everyone who lives or has access to your home.

Video Monitoring – Away on vacation and want to keep an eye on your property? Live streaming video lets you view it in real-time. You’ll also get video alerts if motion is detected, a door opens, or the alarm goes off.

Help Monitor Elderly Relatives – if you have elderly parents who still live in their home but you worry (and face it, after a certain point, we all worry) about them, our Wellness Insights component can put you at ease.

You can set it up to detect unusual activities such as opening exterior doors in the middle of the night, if they’re away from bed for an extended amount of time, or haven’t gotten out of bed for the day. You’ll be alerted to any unusual activity, so you can check on them.

Energy Management – Adjust your temperature whether you’re home or away. A smart thermometer will track your families’ energy usage helping you regulate your heating and a/c to keep it comfortable.

As you can see, a smart home security system can offer you peace of mind on many fronts. Integrate other smart home devices like smart light bulbs and plugs for a smart home that works for you.

If you have questions about whether a smart home security system is right for you and your family, please contact us and we can help you make an informed decision.

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