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10 Tips for a Safe Thanksgiving for Your Pets

Pet ThansgivingThanksgiving is here, a time to be grateful for friends and family. With many people gathering with family and friends for a holiday feast, take a few steps to keep your pets safe.

  1. Your holiday foods are delicious – for you and your guests, but not for your pets. Avoid giving your pet human food that can cause discomfort or illness.
  2. Fatty foods in particular, like turkey skin or gravy, can cause pancreatitis.
  3. Dogs love bones, right? Turkey or other poultry bones can splinter and be life threatening to your pet.
  4. Remind your guests not to feed table scraps to your dog. Many foods can be dangerous, like the onions and possibly raisins in your stuffing.
  5. Alcohol is dangerous to pets and could cause coma or death. Watch where your guests leave their drinks, and be careful of foods like fruit cake that may contain alcohol.
  6. The sugar substitute xylitol can be very dangerous to your pet. You shouldn’t be giving your pet any baked goods, but be particularly mindful of reduced calorie versions that may contain xylitol.
  7. Contain your trash, so that a curious pet cannot get into it and potentially dangerous items.
  8. Exercise your pet early in the day, before the festivities begin.
  9. Make sure your pet has a quiet place they can retreat to if there is too much going on.
  10. Make sure your pet has an id tag on; with many people coming and going, they might run out.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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