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Security System -  An electronic system that is designed to prevent theft or intrusion and protect property and life. Security Systems may include intrusion detection, access control systems, fire alarm systems, and video surveillance systems. A monitored security system is connected to a central monitoring station who can respond to the alarm and notify the authorities.
Smoke Detector -  An electronic device that senses the presence of smoke, issuing an alarm to alert nearby people that there is a potential fire. If part of a security system, it sends a smoke alarm signal to the control panel so that the Central Station is contacted and can notify the proper authorities. With wireless monitored smoke detectors or local battery operated smoke detectors it is usually necessary to replace the batteries once a year to ensure appropriate protection.
Status -  Status of alarm panel: activated ("armed"), deactivated ("disarmed").
Stay Mode -  An arming sequence of a security system that bypasses interior motion detectors. It is meant to be used when a client arms their system while at home, so that the occupants can still move throughout the alarmed premises. Only the perimeter detection (e.g. door/window contacts) and certain types of interior protection (e.g. glass break detectors) would be armed.
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