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Panic Button -  A device that when pressed, causes an alarm event regardless of whether or not the security system is armed or unarmed.
Partition -  Partitioning your alarm system allows the creation of different areas or “partitions”. This allows for separate arming and disarming of each area while using only one phone line. A user can setup partitions, so that one area of the alarmed location can be armed, while the other areas stay unarmed. For instance, an inventory room can be partitioned from the rest of the store so that while people are working, the main areas are unarmed and the inventory room stays armed.
Passcode -  See Digital Code.
Pre-Wire -  Many new home builders will offer to install wiring for any future alarm system you may purchase. Many alarm companies offer a small discount if your house is prewired, as the cost of hard wiring and paying the installers are included in the price of the alarm.
Programming -  Setting up the detailed settings for the alarm panel to match user requirements and wishes (e.g. specify zones/subareas).
Proximity Reader -  An access control device that controls an electronic lock. When a proximity card, badge or tag is placed near a proximity reader access is granted.
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