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Hard Wired -  This means that all devices (motion sensors, door sensors, etc.) are physically wired to the control panel.  
Heat Detector -  A device that detects a preset high temperature or a rapid rate-of-rise (ROR) in temperature. Heat detectors can be either electrical or mechanical in operation. The most common types are thermocouple and electro-pneumatic, which both respond to changes in ambient temperature. If the ambient temperature rises above a predetermined threshold, then an alarm signal is triggered. Heat detectors are often placed in rooms where smoke would normally be found such as a kitchen or smoking lounge.
Home Alarm -  A warning device that, when triggered is designed to warn of an intruder, fire or smoke. Home alarms often make up a home security system and serve to call attention to and/or send a signal to a central monitoring center to notify first responders such as police, fire department, and ambulance.
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