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Enhanced Call Verification (ECV) -  A type of alarm verification that requires a central station operator to place two phone calls before dispatching the proper authorities. ECV is quickly being adopted by more jurisdictions around the country as it continues to prove to be an effective way to reduce false alarms and the costs that cities and states waste responding to these false alarms.
Enterprise Security Console -  Designed for commercial users with systems. Enables one logon to view system status and activity on multiple accounts.
Entry Delay -  This type of delay can be set so that your alarm does not activate for some time upon tripping to allow you time to enter the home and disarm the alarm system. If the user code is not entered into the control panel in time, the alarm will activate.
Environmental Monitoring -  Refers to a range of alarm devices that monitor environmental changes. Smoke detectors, heat detectors, carbon monoxide detectors, water detectors, and temperature detectors are all devices that can monitor environmental change. A security alarm system that has one or more of these devices can protect against a range of threats beyond common burglaries. In the event an environmental alarm device sends an alarm, central station operators would notify you or dispatch the proper responders instead of the police.
Exit Delay -  A built-in delay when arming a security system to give you time to exit your home or business after arming your security system to avoid setting off the alarm.
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