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Battery Back-Up -  A secondary power source used to provide power in the event the main power fails. A battery backup is intended for temporary use and to ensure the continual operation during a power outage. Back-up alarm batteries typically power a system for a 24-hour period.
Burglar Alarm System -  An electronic system consisting of alarm devices that are connected to a control panel to detect a break-in and sound an alarm. A monitored security system is connected to a central monitoring station who can respond to the alarm and notify the authorities.
Business Security -  Securing the property and assets of a business or organization using burglar alarm systems, access control systems, and/or video surveillance. Businesses, due to the large number of people using the security systems, often need multiple user codes and sometimes utilize scheduled arming and disarming.
Bypass -  To remove a zone from service. For example, when you are in a home you may bypass motion sensors.
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