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Access Control -  A type of security system that restricts access to authorized users at certain times. Different access levels can be granted to different users/employees.
Alarm Battery -  A battery that is used in a security system control panel or wireless alarm device.
Alarm Device -  A component of a security system that can detect an alarm event (an open door, motion, smoke, etc.) and send a signal back to the control panel.
Alarm Event -  An event triggered by an alarm device that alerts the control panel that some type of emergency has occurred. The control panel then sends signals to the Monitoring Center, where operators can respond to the event.
Alarm Monitoring -  A service provided by a Central Station where the security system is monitored 24/7. A Central Station Operation receives alarm events and responds to them, contacting the appropriate authorities.
Alarm Panel -  The central unit for the whole alarm system, which processes all the information, forwards it and responds as required.
Alarm Permit -  A permit often required by local jurisdictions when connecting an alarm system that may request police dispatch. Advent Security will assure the proper permits are acquired when installing your alarm system.
Alarm Verification -  The means of verifying that an actual intrusion has taken place. The Central Station Operator will attempt to verify the alarm before dispatching the authorities using the call lists that you provide.
Alarm Zone -  Each zone is monitored by a detector (for wireless) or a detector group (for wire) and can be programmed separately.
Arm -  The act of turning your security system on, so that it is ready to detect an alarm event. You usually arm your system in "Away" mode when you are leaving the home. This mode will activate all zones and all sensors, including both perimeter sensors and interior zones such as your interior motion sensors. Arm the system in "Stay" mode when you are staying in the home. Armed Stay will only activate your perimeter sensors such as door and window sensors and glass break detectors. Motion detectors will not be active in this mode so that you can walk around the home without tripping an alarm.
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