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What to Do When the Power Goes Out

Typically you do not need to do anything when your power goes out.  Your system should automatically be running on your rechargeable battery.

Extended OutagesControl Panel

During extended power outages, however, your system may go into trouble and start beeping.  In this case you may need to call Advent and ask to speak to a technician.  You may need to power the system down.

Power Down the System

You can power down the security system yourself by opening your security control box (see Control Panel image), typically located in your basement or utility closet, so that you can disconnect the battery.  The control box may have a couple of screws or a lock keeping it closed.  If it has a lock, ask the Advent technician if you cannot locate the key.

Alarm BatteryIf the power to your house is still out, you can power down the system by disconnecting one lead to the battery located in the box (see battery image).  You may need to wiggle the battery lead (red or black) to get it to pull off.  Note: Until the power is back on, this will disable your security system including burglary and fire.

Once the Power is Back On

Once the house power comes on, simply put the battery lead back on and close the control box.  The battery will recharge.

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