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What to”Monitor”?

A burglary attempt? A smoldering fire? A panic situation in your home or business? These three situations are the age-old circumstances where your security system can provide a critical alert. It is worthwhile to know and appreciate the fact that environmental emergencies can also be detected, reported, and acted on in the event of an […]

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Into The Sunset

“Sunsetting” is a term being used in various industries to describe when a product is being phased out. While being a lovely word, which brings to mind a beautiful postcard picture, in reality it means that a system or component of a system will stop working after its “sunset” or expiration date. Currently we have […]

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Things that go BEEP in the night

Have you ever experienced the maddening challenge of tracking down a random beeping noise in your home? You know….at 3AM? It often sounds like the annoying “CHIRP” is in the 2nd floor hall, then in the master bedroom, then in the guest room, then, back in the hall…wait, wait, “BEEP” AHHhhhhhhh!!  It is like a […]

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