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At Advent Security, we select only high quality security products from manufacturers we know and trust. Because security is so important, we do not believe in using unreliable components that may fail when needed most. We work with distinguished manufacturers in the alarm industry such as Bosch, DSC, 2GIG and Silent Knight because they provide products we have used and tested throughout our 35+ years in business.

Here is an overview of some of the key products and services we offer.

Interactive Solutions

Residential Alarm Mobile AppsInteractive home and commercial systems give you remote access and control from anywhere that you have internet access.  Let us help you determine if our Interactive Solutions are right for you and your family or for your Business.

Control Panels and Keypads

Residential Keypad (DSC)When your alarm system is installed, your keypad and control panel will be the part of the system you use to set and check the system. Advent offers a variety of up-to-date control panels and keypads designed to be easy to use. We will work with you individually to help you select the one that best fits your needs.

Keypad (2GIG)We only use high quality control panels from the most reliable manufacturers. Control panels from DSC, such as the one shown above, and 2GIG are just two examples of the products we use. These product lines have the ability to be completely wireless as well as having interactive capabilities.

Our keypads include the ability to “arm” with one-touch, and “disarm” using a pass code of your choosing. They are also equipped with police and fire panic buttons, duress-ambush feature, and door chime feature.

Perimeter Door and Window Protection

Perimeter door and window sensors protect your home or business from the outside in. Perimeter style protection, such as door and window sensors, are designed to stop an intruder before he has the chance to set foot into your home or building.

When a door or window is opened with sensors armed, the system will alert you and our central monitoring station that an unwanted entrance has occurred. This insures that progressive steps will take place to ensure your safety.

Motion detectors can also be used to detect motion in the interior of the home or company. When strategically placed, motion detectors are designed to “catch” unwanted entrance through any entry point. Passive-Infrared, Microwave, Dual-Tech, and pet immune are some of the motion detector models available.

. Fire and Carbon Monoxide Detection

Smoke and Heat detectors when included in your security system for monitoring, help keep your home safe from fire. Whether you and your family are home or away our fire detectors will detect unusual amounts of smoke and heat in your home, and alert our central station operator to notify the fire department if necessary.

Carbon Monoxide detectors, when included in a security system for monitoring, will alert our central station if there are toxic levels of carbon monoxide in your home or building. This gas, in mass amounts, can be lethal and so these detectors can save your life and the lives of those around you.

 Central Monitoring

The monitoring of the alarm system is vital for complete security for your home and family or business. Advent Security’s monitoring station is UL listed and provides monitoring night and day, year round – 24 hours a day, seven days a week.   Read more

 Reset Key Service

Advent offers a Reset Key Service to our residential customers. In the case of an alarm at your home, Advent will first try to contact someone on your call list. If we are unable to reach anyone, an Advent technician will be notified and may respond to your home if necessary. This additional service requires that you supply us with a key to your home.

 Other Security Options

Other security options include Glassbreak Detectors, Security Screens, Cellular Back Up, Key Fob, Natural Gas/Propane Detectors, Low Temperature Sensors, and Water Detectors. Many of these options explain themselves but for more information and to find out which options are right for you, please contact us.

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