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Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial

We had an incident involving a stove while we were out to dinner. Our Advent system worked perfectly at the first sign of smoke and the situation was resolved before a fire started. Without our Advent system, our home could have been destroyed. We were happy having Advent before this event, but now realize even more how important our Advent system is.

Ambler, PA

While we were away this winter, we were alerted by the central station that the temperature in our home was low. We had someone check our house, and the propane company had missed an automatic delivery, causing our heat to go off. Thanks to Advent, we were able to have heat restored and did not come home to frozen pipes

Cecil County, MD

If the door is open for more than 60 seconds after closing time, it lets me know. When employees disarm the security system, it lets me know. Even if I leave the AC on when I leave, it lets me know. Knowing what's going on even when I'm not there is one of the many benefits of my Advent security system.

If you don't shut our home's front door really firmly, and you forget to lock it behind you, a strong gust of wind will blow it open.  It's easy to forget when you're coming and going with your arms full of groceries or school bags, and we don't want our children in the front yard on their own. Our security system has just the alert for this type of situation: a 'door left open' alert. This helps us feel safer everyday.

On Dec 28, I discovered a strange and unfamiliar noise in our basement. Although I did not believe it was a noise related to our security system, I nevertheless called our security system servicer, Advent. As always, the people at Advent are very polite, patient, understanding and very anxious to solve the problem. Never was this more true than yesterday. The first person I spoke to asked a number of questions and then said she wanted me to speak to one of the technical support people and she’d fully fill him in so I wouldn’t have to repeat all my information. That’s precisely what happened when I spoke to Michael in tech support. I mention this courtesy b/c it almost never happens with other service providers who say they will report the caller’s information but never do to save their own time at the customer’s expense. Michael had all the facts, asked a few questions, asked me to send him pictures of devices which might be the sources of the noise and called me back immediately upon receipt of each picture. After assuring me as much as he could that the noise was more of an annoyance factor than a safety one that required a 911 call, Michael suggested, since I was alone and had no other set of ears to help solve the problem, that I ask a neighbor to help b/c Michael wanted if possible to get the problem solved to avoid my being charged with a house visit. Michael felt that the noise was unconnected to the Advent system but rather than have me figure it out on my own, he was patient and wanted to be as helpful as he could b/c he understood what an annoyance it was. When my neighbor couldn’t figure out the source of the noise, Michael sent an Advent employee to the house who solved the problem in less than 10 minutes. I was pleased that the problem was solved and tremendously appreciative of the over the top service that Advent, led by Michael in technical support, provided.

Today your excellent technician, John Wiggins, came to solve why my alarm signal could not reach you. He was so kind, and concerned about my safety- I'm a disabled homebound senior and I fall a lot. It turned out to be the phone company's problem. They had turned something off so that even though I had a dial tone and could receive calls, I couldn't make calls (which I didn't know) and my alarm couldn't reach you, thereby creating a dangerous situation for me. He was very professional and spoke with the phone company technician to resolve the problem. This probably was also the reason why my Lifeline necklace and system stopped sending a signal to that company so that I had to have a replacement wireless system installed instead. John was not leaving until he knew all was well and I was safe. I am so grateful for his concern for me and his high standards for his work. I wanted to be sure he was recognized for his excellence. I have been your customer since 1997 and every person in your company always is caring and does excellent work. I would only use your company and tell others that frequently. Thank you all for your good work.

Philadelphia, PA

Advent was recommended to me by a friend and I would be happy to recommend Advent to any other friends.

Philadelphia, PA

I have the peace of mind knowing that someone is always watching out for me with my new system. We have a large home and we not only need to know if someone was trying to get in as much as our 4 year old trying to get out. Tim Fagan and his team are exceptional, from sales call to install to follow up! The service is above and beyond what I ever expected.

Harleysville, PA

Great sales person who made the complex decisions simple.

Blue Bell, PA

Salesman and technician who installed the equipment were both very nice and helpful (and patient) with all of my questions.

Lansdale, PA

I chose Advent because we had experienced quite a few security companies at our previous residence. The final provider prior to Advent was miserable. At that time we interviewed two companies and went with Advent. When we moved to our present address last year we went with Advent without interviewing anyone else. There was no question about it!!

I chose Advent because they are local, personalized and have reliable service. The sales representative was really professional and interested in our home and requirements. The installation crew was knowledgeable and informative. I would rate my overall experience with Advent as a 10!

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